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Is sugar always a bad idea for kids? Do I need to know the Heimlich manoeuvre? Is the five second rule just a myth? Listening to our brand new podcast Ain’t That The Truth is like having a very clever nurse-y friend on tap, serving up parenting truths – and sorting helpful fact from pesky fiction.

Dr Google has become the go-to for every parenting question under the sun, but wading through search results for answers we can trust can feel a like bit going down a (possibly unreliable) rabbit hole. It’s exhausting and confusing. Thankfully, our new podcast sparks the opposite of those feelings.

Ain’t That the Truth host Sarah Hunstead combines her own experience, the latest research and the smarts of other brilliant experts to get to the heart of raising modern kids.

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Sarah’s a paediatric emergency nurse, author and passionate advocate for child safety and children’s health. In other words, she totally knows her stuff and is primed to answer all your curly health questions, things like:

  • How much sleep does a child need?
  • Are growing pains real?
  • Are artificial sweeteners safe for children?
  • What’s the deal with the five-second rule?
  • How should I treat a burn?
  • What to do if a child is choking.
  • Are leftovers really safe to eat?

That’s just a tiny taste of what Ain’t That The Truth will cover. Each week we’ll be debunking myths and demystifying common curly questions about kids’ health and wellbeing … like total bosses!

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Host: Sarah Hunstead

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