2 Judgy Mums

We all know those mums … They’re in the playground. They’re at the supermarket. They’re in the cafe. They think their view is the universal view and they’re not afraid to voice it. Loudly.

They’re the judgy mums. The ones who are always right, and mostly annoying.

But what if we turn judginess on its head and use comedy to point the finger at judgy mums everywhere, and in doing so, discover the universal parenting truths?

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Hen and Becks are our 2 Judgy Mums – they’re two mums who are under pressure, under-resourced but over-opinionated. They’ve been thinking about all the #blessed parenting podcasts and wondering why they don’t seem to match the lives real mums are actually living. Aspirational listening is all well and good, but where is the podcast for frazzled mums that tells it like it really is?

With the odd F-bomb thrown around by these hilarious mums, 2 Judgy Mums is the perfect podcast to listen to after the kids are in bed and Peppa Pig is packed away for another day.

Always funny, always real, hold onto your seat for the sometimes awkward, but always insightful, 2 Judgy Mums.

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