Here comes Taga 2.0 – the ultimate family bike

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Taga has just reinvented the family bike. If you’ve got kids and want to tote them around town using pedal power, then you’re going to want to take a look. 

Taga isn’t kidding when it says its second generation bike is the ultimate family bike. Based on plenty of experience designing and creating stroller bikes, and doing interviews with customers, from mums and dads to kids, Taga has created a bike with an incredible number of useful features, plus some fun ones as well.

The Taga 2.0 is a three-wheeler bike with a front-mounted cargo box that’s made of a strong plastic and reinforced with a metal frame so the seating area is durable and impact proof. The cargo box fits two child seats in three configurations: front-facing, rear-facing and facing each other. The seats are comfortably padded with adjustable head rests, and a fully reclined position so kids can take naps while mums are working hard.

Taga 2.0 close

For rides with new babies, the Taga 2.0 has a car seat adapter just like a pram. If a parent is solo, or when kids grow up, the child seats fold down into lockable doors that keep the contents secure and provide extra load space on top. If speed is your thing, you can buy an electric bike adapter.

Bikes aren’t just about safety and functionality, they have to be fun too, especially if kids are involved. The Taga 2.0 seating area has an accessory bar where you can clip things like little steering wheels or even a water gun. That last accessory might make you unpopular with anyone in your kid’s sights, so you better get the electric bike adapter for quick getaways.

Child seats come in four colour choices, and there’s a rain canopy to keep kids out of the weather. No rain protection for parents though. Maybe we’ll put that one in the suggestion box.

Taga 2.0 far

At the time of writing, Taga has nearly reached its goal with 59 days to go and all the early bird bikes gone, but there are still plenty of rewards to be had. For US$649, you can get a family bike and cargo compartment (retail price US$999). For US $2339, you can get two Taga 2.0 Electric Family Bikes. Child seats are sold separately. Go to Kickstarter to find out about all the rewards.



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