Busy Philipps emotional lost teddy drama might make you cry

Busy Philipps and Michelle William

We’re on the edge of our seat with this story, as mum-of-two Busy Philipps reveals not one but TWO of her children’s soft toys went missing on a trip to Hawaii.

Busy Philipps
Credit: Instagram/busyphilipps

Lost bears!

Radar and Flat Bear are the fluffy pals in question, and they belong to the former Dawson’s Creek star’s eldest daughter.

Busy and husband Marc Silverstein are parents to four-year-old Cricket Pearl nine-year-old Birdie Leigh. They were holidaying in Hawaii and a quick pack up without the usual triple check of the room led to this very upsetting turn of events. Busy is (quite unfairly) blaming herself for the sad situation.

“I called and housekeeping haven’t found them, so I think they were really tangled up in the sheets and just went to the place where they wash the sheets so hopefully tomorrow they’ll find them.”

“It doesn’t make it better that, of course, all of Cricket’s animals made it back. I just feel like such an a–hole,” a sobbing Busy said in several Instagram stories.

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Family heirloom

Busy says her heart plummeted when she realised they’d forgotten to pack these much-loved toys, and that daughter Birdie was even more distressed.

“[She] was just so heartbroken. And I was, like, I knew it as soon as I opened up the suitcase to get Cricket’s stuff for bed. I was like, I didn’t see Radar and Flat Bear. I was like, f—k, f—k, f—k.”

“Radar was my bear when I was a kid, and Birdie just wrote a whole thing in English class about how it was her most prized possession, because it had been mine,” an emotional Busy told her followers.

“I know it’s just a mistake and these things happen but f— … it’s the worst when you’re a parent and it’s your responsibility to keep everything straight.”

Worst feeling EVER. #Sob

“Please keep an eye out for these bears”

Busy frantically got in touch with the hotel and uploaded photos of the missing bears to her social media, pleading with anyone who might have friends or family who work for the hotel or laundry company to IN THE NAME OF GOD please help her find these bears.

“I found a picture of Radar and Flat Bear. If you’re at @FSHualalai or know someone on the Big Island (who works at United Laundry Service in Kona?) please keep an eye out for these bears!”

Busy’s followers were quick to offer their reassurance, thoughts and prayers, as well as practical ideas. One pointed her in the direction of a brilliant website called Lost My Lovey, which helps reunited children with beloved blankies and cuddly buddies.

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Pensive Vacation Bird.

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A bear miracle!

When the family touched down in New York, the sad bear situation took a significant turn for the better and everyone was stoked. Someone had messaged through a photo of Radar, asking if he was one of the missing party. Indeed he was!

“RADAR HAS BEEN LOCATED!!!!!!” she squealed on Twitter.” Flat bear still missing but still! HOORAY!”

A further tweet provided actual photographic proof.

“Just landed in New York to this amazing text,” she posted, realising that fans were following this story closely. Alongside the caption was a photo of Radar, “A bear miracle” written across his fuzzy chest.

Flat Bear still missing

There is apparently still no sign of Flat Bear and there are murmurs of calling in CSI or Poirot.

“Time to put Flat Bear’s face on a milk carton,” one of Busy’s followers suggested.

“I can’t stop checking Twitter. 1 down, 1 to go. Keeping my fingers crossed,” another admitted.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this story today, on every bear-lovers behalf. Here’s hoping that Flat Bear is winging his way back to Birdie and Radar ASAP.

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Literally no denying THEY ARE MINE.

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