Little boy coping with the death of his parents by handing out smiles

Jaden Hayes is one inspirational little boy. The six-year-old lost his father two years ago and just two weeks ago, unexpectedly lost his mother as well. From an observation at his mother’s viewing and funeral, Jaden came up with an idea to bring more happiness to the world. Come and share this beautiful story of a little boy’s mission that will make the entire world smile.

Jaden has seen more sadness in his life than any little boy should. But he is not letting his own loss deter him from his mission.

After attending his mother’s funeral,  Jaden noticed that everyone was walking around unhappy.  “He just got tired of people with sad, frowny faces,” recalls Jaden’s aunt, Barbara DiCola. “He really wanted to make people smile and so asked me, how we could make people do that.”

Jaden came up with the idea of giving people a toy to make them smile.

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So the determined little boy, armed with a bag of party toys and trinkets, headed to the streets in his Georgia, USA town in search of smiles from strangers. He started by observing people who were not smiling and then approaching them, with Auntie Barbara close by, and handing out the toys.

“He would sit back and he’d say, ‘They’re not smiling, Auntie. They need a (rubber) duckie and these beads,'” she said.

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The little boy has approached close to 300 people after just two outings and his aunt tells Today that he will continue his journey next week.

Most people immediately gave the boy a grin after learning what Jaden’s mission was. Several also gave him a hug. Some were moved to tears. Others offered Barbara donations, which were politely declined.

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Jaden’s reaction to a heartbreaking situation is nothing short of incredible. Jaden’s mum died in his sleep and his aunt explains that Jaden has “been a little miracle” in the way he is accepting his mother’s death.

“I don’t know how his little brain is processing it, but I think this all is helping in his healing process,” she said.

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Jaden’s cousin, Natasha Compton, started tracking #thesmileexperiment tag on her Instagram account to follow Jaden’s progress. Through his smile project, Jaden is helping the entire family cope with the unexpected loss of a loving mother and family member.

“It’s certainly helped me a lot because me and his mum were real close. She helped raise me,” Natasha said. “It’s helping me, and I know it’s definitely helping my mum.”

“We are all amazed at the strength he has, and it filters through,” Barbara adds. “We all smile a lot more than we would be at this point. You see him smile, and you can’t help it. You gotta smile.”

#thesmileexperiment #payitForward #WTOC

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To trace this amazing little boy’s journey to make the world smile, check out #thesmileexperiment.

(via Today)

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