Hamish Blake shares in-flight messages he sent Zöe and ooh la la!

Zoe and Hamish Blake

Aw my gawsh. Hamish Blake just shared a bunch of messages he sent to wife Zöe as they took a flight together and not gonna lie they’re purrrettty … confident.

“I still ‘have it'”

Sharing the thread on Instagram, Hamish admitted that the Air New Zealand inflight chat capabilities on this particular trip reassured him that he still had it. Whatever it is.

“Pretended to be a stranger on the plane today and hit on my wife using the inter-seat chat function to see if I still “have it”. You bet I do,” he captioned a series of three photos showing the chat thread.

“We may have been together nearly 10 years but you don’t just lose your game. It’s like glitter; once it’s on you, it’s never going anywhere.

“Here’s a free lesson from me on how to melt a woman and, admittedly from @zotheysay, a lesson in superhuman levels of playing it cool.”


“How to melt a woman”

Hamish’s ‘how to melt a woman 101’ goes a little something like this …

“Don’t freak out, but I’m an Air Marshall,” Hamish began, initiating a convo from the plane’s chat app, with the very appropriate, very up-front seat identifier – 2B You.

“I know I’m putting my life on the line every day every day to keep society safe and that’s probs sexy as hell to you, but honestly that’s not why I do it,” he continued in his message to seatmate and wife Zöe.

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“Love to serve but also need the cash for my puppy rescue charity,” he went on.

“U there?” 

“I can see you’re awake thinking of a response,” he posted next.

“Seriously shoot anything back,” he continued in this very one-sided chat.

“Just not a firearm LOL. See above re me being an air Marshall.”

“Srsly tho just write anything. I’m still here,” Hamish wrote.

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Ahhh, my three beautiful children.

A post shared by ZOË FOSTER BLAKE (@zotheysay) on


Zöe meanwhile was ignoring her husband “playing it cool”. She did not respond to his advances for unknown reasons …

Perhaps she was asleep.

Perhaps she was caring for the pair’s children, four-year-old Sonny and 18-month-old Rudy.

Or perhaps – like most knackered mums – she wasn’t in the mood for glitter?

And honestly, we’ve all been there.

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