Mifold – a lightweight, portable car booster seat that fits in your hand


Strap yourself in because this is amazing: a lightweight, portable car booster seat that can fit in your hand. The mifold is going to change the way kids travel. Come take a look.

Booster seats are a necessity for keeping kids safe in the car, but often this means transferring bulky seats from one car to another or family members each having to buy their own booster seats. It’s a hassle. The new mifold Grab-and-Go Booster Seat promises to change all that because it is so small and lightweight that kids can carry it in their backpack. Sound amazing? There’s more!


The mifold booster is over ten times smaller than a regular booster seat. In fact, when folded it is smaller than an iPad. This makes it easy to store in the glove box, or a bag. The light weight of this sensational seat means kids can carry it with them and ride safe no matter whose car they are in. Carpooling home from school has never been such a breeze.


If you are not already in love with the mifold you may just turn when I tell you that this booster seat is dishwasher safe. Yep, when those messy kids in back cover the seat in food and sticky drinks you can just slip it straight into the dishwasher. Watch the video below to see exactly how the mifold Grab-and-Go works.

So how can mifold be just as safe as a normal booster when it is so tiny? The trick is that while most boosters bring kids up to an adult level, mifold brings the seatbelt down to a kid’s level. It is suitable for children aged four and up and meets safety standards in both the US and Europe.

The mifold ‘Grab and Go’ booster seat is due for release in the US and Europe at the end of this year, and looking to release in other countries in 2016. However, there is no set release date or price yet. For more information visit mifold and stay tuned to Babyology because we will be watching for this awesome innovation to hit our Aussie shores.


Kate Murray

Kate Murray

Kate was a regular of Melbourne’s music and film scenes, but these days she is on the mum scene. Mother to one adorable little hipster, Kate loves seeking out the latest trends in technology, vintage-style kids clothing, and offbeat kids products. She is often found riding her bike by the Yarra river with baby on back, heading for a good soy latte at the latest kid-friendly cafe. She wants to get there before it becomes cool. So Melbourne.

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