Triple the fun – Australian mum captures the joy of raising triplets

triplets bath
Imagine the surprise of discovering that, after having three boys, you are pregnant with a little girl? Now, triple that excitement. That is exactly what happened to Lucia Staykov, who was blessed with not one, but three baby girls after having three boys.

Triple pregnancy

Staykov did what all mums do – she tracked the journey through pregnancy and childhood with a camera.

triplets 12


But these beautiful photos are much more stunning than the ones typically stored on your iPhone. They capture the pure joy of raising little girls with such elegance, clarity and beauty that we were blown away and couldn’t help but want more. And, fortunately for us, Staykov is happy to share.

Triplets 1

triplets 8

With golden-streaked locks and stunning blue eyes, three-year-old Chloe, Mia and Lilly are the picture of sweetness. But in between the camera flashes, what’s life really like with these three beauties running around the house?

Triple threat

“Every day is very, very busy, loud, and often exhausting – lots of washing to do everyday, lots of food to buy, lots of mess to clean, lots of arguments to referee. It’s non-stop!” Staykov tells Babyology.

Triple all kids

Staykov, who lives in Adelaide, is also mum to three sons – 13-year-old Jordy and 10-year-old twins Alek and Bailey. And while she admits she never imagined having more than two kids, she feels truly blessed each and every day.

triplets 3

“My girls are amazing! They are smart, beautiful, funny, loving and tough.  They really have made my life complete!”

triplets 10

Staykov is a part-time fitness instructor and dance teacher and owner of Child Expressions Photography.  “Photography is my creative outlet. I  love the fact that I can document my kids growing up through beautiful images.”

However, she says her first – and biggest – job is being a “full time mummy”. So, with six kids to wrangle, how does she manage it all? “Establish a routine as soon as possible. Accept help from people and chat with other mums with multiples,” she suggests. “Also, don’t forget about yourself.”

triplets 11

“My life is a juggling, super charged, organised comedy!” Staykov shares. And, like all mums, she admits that she wouldn’t want it any other way.  We  predict a few broken hearts down the road when adorable Lilly, Chloe and Mia hit their teens!

triplets 6

Check out the full range of stunning photography of the Staykov family through Child Expressions Photography. For more photogenic inspiration check out our tips on taking photos of your kids.

Triple whole family

A special thanks to Lucia Staykov for letting us share her gorgeous family with you.

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