These family photos will make you do a double take

Have you ever had someone comment on how your child looks like you? These family photos of grandparents, parents and their children are so strikingly similar, it will blow your mind.

family genes 3

We recently brought you a post on doll doubles – babies who look eerily similar to their dolls. And while our audience was divided on whether the similarities were creepy or cute, we all have to admit, they were captivating to look at.

And so, when we stumbled upon this series of side-by-side photos of parents and their kids, we were, once again, floored by the uncanny resemblances.

family genes 2

All of these photos are taken of parents (or grandparents) at the same age as their own children. And, they certainly take “it’s all in the family,” to a whole new level.

Like father, like son

Cuteness didn’t skip a generation with this adorable father-son duo.

family genes 8

Two generations of giggles

The beautiful curly hair, brown eyes and adorable smile shared by this father and son proves that the generation gap is smaller than we think.

family genes1

Gene queens

The blond gene is certainly a strong one as proven by this grandmother-mother-daughter trio.

family genes 12

Spawn of sweetness

The resemblance between this mother and daughter is absolutely stunning! From the hairline to the button nose, both little lasses are breathtaking beauties.

family genes 4
Stone cold clones

Thirty years later, and the long blond hair and oversized glasses are making a comeback. The only difference between this mother and daughter is the quality of the camera.

family genes 10

Double denim (it never goes out of style)

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty stoked to see that this classic denim vest remained tucked away in the closet for the next generation. Good on you, Dad.

family genes 9

Note the matching flannel number beside the father and son. Double win.

Hugh’s your Daddy?

There’s no denying the resemblance between this father and son. They look almost identical apart from the obvious generation gap. And both look just a little bit like a younger Hugh Jackman. Does anyone else see it? (or do I have Hugh on the brain?)

family genes11

Blue gene babies

This daddy/daughter duo demonstrates that gender doesn’t sway the similarities when it comes to genes. Daddy and daughter share the same beautiful blue eyes, curved eye brows and cheeky expression.

family genes 14

Generation V(intage)

What do you get when you combine Gen Y and Gen X with a classic Mickey Mouse T-shirt and a newborn? Generation V(ery) similar.

family genes 6

Kath and Kin

You can certainly see the relationship between this mother and daughter.

family genes 7

Do you have any baby photos from the past that would pass as pictures of your own children?

(via VideoBuzzy)

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