The photos that show the joys of bedtime with kids

Bedtime routines. In theory it’s so simple – bath, book, bed. So why is it that some nights it can go so ridiculously wrong? Come and see the frustratingly funny photos that sum up every parent’s favourite night time activity.

Huffington Post recently showcased a series of reader-submitted photos that sum up the struggles of bedtime. They are so hilariously honest that we had to share, and call out to our readers to submit their own photos (see below for the form).

How many of these nights can you relate to?

When your child won’t sleep unless he is a storm trooper….

bedtime funny 13

If it means he’ll sleep, then joining the dark side seems like a good idea to us.

When your child discovers the video monitor…

bedtime funny 14

And you wake up with glowing eyes staring at you from the screen.

When even the dog ignores you….

bedtime funny 16

This is the children and pet equivalent of saying, “Fat chance.”

When your child decides to combine bath and bed…..

bedtime funny1

Genius, really.

When you suggest a quiet activity before bed…

bedtime funny2

And find her upside down.

When you accept defeat…

bedtime funny 11

The lounge is looking pretty comfortable right now.

When you think your son is asleep…

bedtime funny 6

But he has been busy ruining your life instead.

When it’s 3am…

bedtime funny 3

And your little one is adamant that he will remain the last one standing. Party on little man.

When you see the hand…

bedtime funny 15

And there’s no where to hide.

When you call in back-up for help…
bedtime funny 7

And he fails miserably. You had one job Dad. One job.

When your child refuses to sleep unless she is touching you…

bedtime funny 12

And thus you spend your night holding hands from a mattress on her bedroom floor.

When five in the bed becomes the norm..

bedtime funny 9

And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

We all have those nights. Those nights when 13 stories are not enough, when it’s too hot with the blankets, but too cold without, when the pillow is itchy, when little footprints continue to stomp down the hallway, no matter how many times you tuck them in.

So, mum and dad, if you’re reading this from the floor of your child’s room, turns out, you’re not alone. We are all there right beside you, counting the dust bunnies and hoping that tomorrow’s bedtime will be a little less painful. Check out these cheeky ways to get your children to sleep in their beds all night.

Now it’s your turn Babyologists – upload your favourite bedtime moment using the form below. We will feature our favourites later in the month.

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(via Hufffington Post)

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