Stranger pays for mum’s coffee after her son exposes her butt in Starbucks

Mom Babble child

Your butt exposed to an entire cafe full of people – shudder. That’s what funny mummy blogger, Mary Katherine Backstrom from Mom Babble, was faced with when her cheeky preschooler left her near naked in Starbucks. The only silver lining? A free coffee to go with her humble pie.

Caffeine calling

Like most mums struggling to get through the day, Mary Katherine found herself in line at Starbucks on Wednesday desperate for a caffeine hit. According to her Facebook post about the incident, she was “hangry” from no lunch and her small son was “climbing on the walls” and “gonna bust open any minute with some brand of crazy that I can’t control” because he’d not had his nap that day.

She’d just ordered a “nuclear dose of caffeine” and snack for her son when suddenly she felt it: a cool breeze…on her BUTT.

That’s right. Every mum’s worst public nightmare, her cute little kiddo had in fact lifted her dress right over his head and was “wearing it like a hat” with her “granny panties and dimpled behind flashing for the entire world to see.”


Cue: dying slowly inside. But wait – it gets way, way worse.

“…in that one second, he also spun around, and this is going to be hard to explain but: my son wrapped his head up like a dumdum with my dress and he was ABSOLUTELY WIGGING OUT because:


A fan in the midst

The mummy blogger has quite a large following and loves running into fans, but not when all her lady bits are on show for the world to see.

“I get recognized occasionally. And hey…that’s fun! Except for when my son’s head is literally stuck against my butt, shrink-wrapped like a lollipop, and he’s panicking because he might just die back there and, really: Could there be anything worse?”

As she struggled to finish her order and pay the barista, she was informed that her tab had already been covered by a man who said to tell her he was ‘a fan.’ Ahem.

Thanks for the latte

Because the man had made a speedy exit while Mary Katherine fought to recover her dignity, she was sadly unable to find out more about her mysterious fan.

“Now I’ll always have to wonder if he’s a fan of this page, a fan of my parenting, or just a fan of that family circus that travels around Florida showing the world that no matter how bad your day is, you could always be a mom whose child got stuck in her dress, revealing her behind to an entire Starbucks.”

She is however grateful for the gesture, and well, it made one heck of a funny story!

“Either way….thank you, kind sir. The latte was especially delicious with my humble pie.”

LOL!! Have your children ever exposed your privates in public?




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