Sonny Blake teaches Hamish how to parent correctly and we’re learning a lot

Hamish Blake, Zoe Foster Blake and Sonny Blake

You know we’re ardent fans of Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster-Blake’s little boy Sonny, and the family’s latest Instagram update confirms our affection is well-placed.


It was Zoe who shared the update to her Insta yesterday and we’re mighty glad she did. Not only does it offer a glimpse into the sensei-like role Sonny fulfils in dad Hamish’s life, it’s illustrating the art of baby wearing pretty expertly, too.

In the pic we can see Sonny carrying his obviously much-loved furry friend in a pint-sized carrier. His dad, Hamish, nervously follows suit. Hamish has baby Rudy carefully strapped in.

Zoe captioned the image fly-on-the-wall style, offering us an intimate view of how things go down in the Blake household:

“Can I wear my baby in a carrier like you? Can I can I can I? Pleeeease?”
“Okay okay, dad. Relax.”

We’re not gonna lie, Sonny’s kind encouragement of his dad has inspired us to approach the learners in our life with similar compassion and patience, moving forward.

Sonny Blake dressed as Spiderman

Much inspiring, very Spiderman-y

This wasn’t the only impressive moment in Sonny’s busy life, this week. Zoe also shared a photo of her Spiderman-suited kiddo making like a Masterchef and we’re wondering if there is anything Sonny can’t do?!

“Spiderchef, Spiderchef, Does whatever a Spiderchef does,” Zoe captioned the shot which shows her impressively muscly preschooler whisking a bowl of batter like it’s nobody’s business.

It’s hard to know what Sonny’s culinary vision was here, but we’re hoping it was Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins. Because – favourite.

Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster Blake

Return to form

If you’re catching up at home, author and beauty company boss Zoe and her radio personality husband Hamish are parents to two lovely kids. Daughter Rudy was born in July, an adorable little sister for the pair’s three-year-old son Sonny.

It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride for this gang over the last few weeks, health-wise. Hamish was ill when Rudy was born and Sonny has just battled pneumonia. It’s brilliant to see them returning to chipper form and getting (hilariously) out and about once more.

We wish them lots more fun times and hope the lurgies stay away.

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