The raw post every exhausted parent needs to read today

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When the Love What Matters Facebook page shared a heartfelt post about the pressures of parenting, mums (and dads) responded in solidarity – in their thousands.


Struck a chord

All parents have had moments when they’ve been pushed almost to breaking point.

The post’s writer was keen to let other mums know that not only are they not alone in feeling overwhelmed, but also that they’re doing an amazing job.

They are enough. They are important. They are worthy.

The post, originally uploaded to the Latched and Attached page, envisages a whole range of scenarios mums might find themselves in and delivers a heartfelt message of solidarity, hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

“To the mom”

“To the mom hiding in her bathroom, needing peace for just one minute, as the tears roll down her cheeks..

To the mom who is so tired she feel likes she can’t function anymore and would do anything to lay down and get the rest she needs…

To the mom sitting in her car, alone, stuffing food in her face because she doesn’t want anyone else to see or know she eats that stuff…

To the mom crying on the couch after she yelled at her kids for something little and is now feeling guilty and like she is unworthy…

To the mom that is trying desperately to put those old jeans on because all she really wants is to look in the mirror and feel good about herself…

To the mom that doesn’t want to leave the house because life is just too much to handle right now…

To the mom that is calling out for pizza again because dinner just didn’t happen the way she wanted it to…

To the mom that feels alone, whether in a room by herself or standing in a crowd…

You are enough.
You are important.
You are worthy.

This is a phase of life for us. This is a really, really, hard, challenging, crazy phase of life.

In the end it will all be worth it. But for now it’s hard. And it’s hard for so many of us in many different ways. We don’t always talk about it, but it’s hard and it’s not just you.

You are enough.
You are doing your best.
Those little eyes that look up at you – they think you are perfect. They think you are more than enough.

Those little hands that reach out to hold you – they think you are the strongest. They think you can conquer the world.

Those little mouths eating the food you gave them – they think that you are the best because their bellies are full.

Those little hearts that reach out to touch yours – they don’t want anything more. They just want you.

Because you are enough. You are more than enough, mama.
You. Are. Amazing.


Don’t forget the dads

There was an avalanche of responses from thousands of parents, some penning their own personalised versions of the post. Lots of dads were keen to share their parenting challenges, too.

“To the Dad who isn’t comfortable with the nurturing roll but tries anyways…
To the Dad who has to listen to their children because they miss their Mother…
To the Dad who has to listen to advice from others on parenting, whether he wants to or not…
To the Dad who paints a room his wife decorated and now hates himself…
To the Dad…” one dad wrote.

“This is lovely, as a dad of 2 grown up girls I can honestly say my wife may have been all these things at one time but the kids only ever saw her as a loving , caring nurturing and sometimes stern mummy , the small part I did was to try and be there for my wife when she did cry, or smash a glass, or want to blow off steam. Mums are amazing , and when we sit back now and think neither of us knows how we held it together , but we did,” another said.

“Mommy, you’re my best friend”

Tired mums shared tales from the parenting trenches, too:

“I yelled at my 3 year old son the other day for something so minor out of complete exhaustion. I expected him to say I was mean. And I deserved that. Instead he said, ‘Mommy, you’re my best friend’,” one wrote.

“This is me…everyday. I am a single mom of two kids under 6. I work, go to school, and try to maintain a household on my own. I try and do my best…as best as I can with the cards I was dealt. If I’ve learned anything it’s that is okay to breakdown…everyday if needed…it’s okay to not be perfect. It doesn’t matter to the kids, just tell them you love them everyday. It’ll be okay,” another posted.

It’s always a relief to realise that you’re not the only one doing it tough, and that your feelings and difficulties are completely normal (and don’t make you a terrible parent!)

To the mums and dads who do their very best, every day, under often challenging circumstances, thanks for all you do.

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