Pregnant mum and her adorable daughter’s dance-off goes viral for all the right reasons

Is there anything sweeter than watching a mum and her child have a good time together? Heavily pregnant Nikki Taylor proves that you can still have fun, even if you can hardly see your feet. The world is loving Taylor’s video of her and her daughter, Jaylyn Gregory performing a pretty impressive dance-off.

And, the winner is… clearly Jaylyn!

When eight-months pregnant Taylor uploaded the video to Facebook on 26 June, she did so for just a little bit of fun for family and friends. But, within a week, the video of the pair dancing to Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) by hip-hop artist Silento has been viewed more than 25 million times.

“Me and my mum are going to dance,” says Jaylyn. “I’m pretty good, and my mum is gonna rock, but don’t laugh at her.” Taylor then explains that she’s “pregnant. Really pregnant.” Jaylyn even lets the gender slip, telling the camera that she already loves her baby brother.

What does Nikki have to say about the unexpected fame. Nikki wrote on her Facebook post last week, “I’ll die if it goes viral and THATS (sic) how we end up noticed. When I’m big AF. HAHA. I literally had to take a two hour break after this. No lie.” 

We don’t know what’s cuter – Jaylyn’s adorable introduction, her insanely coordinated dance moves, Nikki’s refreshing attitude, or the fact that the video, which captures a beautiful mother-daughter moment, has the Internet smiling along with the plucky pair.

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(via Huffington Post)


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