The powerful photos that prove an unbreakable bond between babies and pets

Anyone who claims diamonds are a girl’s best friend clearly never had a dog.

And these photos are all the proof you need.

To any parent who believes in the unbreakable bond between a child and his pet, this photo collection will melt your heart.


We often ask our readers to share their precious moments in parenthood with us. And we are often overwhelmed by the sheer talent and rawness that come from our requests (check out these incredible caesarean photos our readers have shared with us).

However, I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of the shots and the stories behind them in this latest series (and not just because I am a dog lover). This is what happened when we asked our readers to share photos of their babies and their pets.


The result is a compilation of images that will convince you to add another to the clan (a dog, that is). Why? Because these photos are stunning. They commemorate the loyalty, trust and love that one can only get from a dog.

But, most importantly, these photos capture a truly special bond between siblings (never mind that one of the siblings happens to have a coat of fur …).


The best thing about letting your little one grow up with a dog? The connection that comes with this unique friendship.

As a mum to two children and one fur baby (who happens to be the oldest of the trio), I’ve watched my dog grow up with her human siblings. From day one, she has been there for them, with patience, tolerance and complete adoration.

And, after seeing these photos, it’s clear my dog isn’t the only one.


So what makes growing up with a dog so amazing? First of all, your little one will have a long-time mate – someone who will be there as they’re growing up.


Your little one will have someone to watch over him, even when he doesn’t realise it.


And someone to listen to him, to share his stories, to hold his hand, and to support him no matter what.


Growing up with a dog also means he always has someone to cuddle, especially when feeling down.


He will always have a mate to explore the great world with (and, on the rare occasion, get into trouble with).


And someone who shares his love for nap time.


No matter what happens, a dog will always have your child’s back. And this is what makes her more than just a pet. This is what makes her part of the family.

A special shoutout to all the amazing parents who shared their photos with us. Be sure to check out our full post for even more incredible photos of babies and their fur friends.

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