If parents talked in real life like they do online

Have you ever posted a photo of your little one on social media or made a comment about how you feed them or put them to sleep, only to be told that you are doing it wrong? Then this video is for you.

We are all guilty of it. Well, anyone who has a social media account is – commenting on someone else’s photo or status update with not-so-constructive-advice. But what happens if you blended this social media speak with real life?

Buzzfeed Yellow has done it. And it’s perfectly, cringingly, accurate. Their latest video looks at just what happens when you combine these two worlds.

And their video covers it all:

It’s got the hashtagger who comments with #blessed on every cute baby gracing our news feeds. It’s got the social awareness commenter who cannot help but share her views on predators, safety and breastfeeding. It’s got the meddling mums who offer their own views on how to parent the proper way. And it’s got the trolls who feel the need to comment negatively on every post rather than simply scroll past.

Yes, social media can be a godsend and many of us use it every day (you’re reading this from your phone right now, aren’t you?). But it has certainly provided us with a whole new outlet for mummy shaming that no parent needs to put up with.

So, as the saying goes, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all, regardless of whether you’re on social media or face to face.

And, whatever you do, please stop with the #blessed.

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