One day I will, one day I won’t – the bitter sweetness of motherhood

Being a mum is rewarding, and thankless. Full of surprises, and mundane. But try not to wish away these precious days, because all-too-soon everything you wanted back – quiet moments, a clean house, privacy, will mean so little… because your babies will be all grown up. 

One day I will be able to go to the loo on my own,
One day I’ll no longer fear schoolyard broken bones.
One day I’ll be able to finish a cuppa before it’s stone cold,
One day I won’t have tiny clothes to fold.

mum feeding baby bottle sl fb

One day it won’t matter if it was bottle or breast,
One day I’ll realise that mummy knows best.
One day I’ll go back to washing my hair when I please,
One day I’ll be able to complete a sentence with ease.
One day I will clean a room, and have it stay that way.
One day I’ll no longer need to chase nighttime monsters away.

mum with newborn sl

One day there won’t be pleas of ‘just one more book’,
One day I won’t remember how long bedtime battles took.
One day I will miss these things, it’s true,
One day I’ll miss all you and I used to do.
One day I won’t hear cheeky giggles behind closed doors.
One day I won’t have to break up sweaty wrestles on lounge room floors.

15 things mum sl 2

One day I won’t get asked to ‘please play with me mummy’,
One day I’ll no longer get to be the Easter bunny.
One day I won’t be juggling ballet, footy and basketball nights,
One day it won’t be ‘just one more kiss’, and a hundred goodnights.
One day I’ll not have grotty faces to clean,
One day I’ll have said goodbye to being someone’s queen.
That day is hopefully many years down the track,
It’s time to embrace the mess and the chaos, so I’ll have no regrets when looking back.

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