Mum lifesavers: 10 clever baby products that do more than you think

Young baby sitting in playpen with toys

Babies need a LOT of stuff but the good news is that some things can serve more than one purpose – if you’re in the know that is! To give you some neat tips and tricks here are 11 baby products with multiple uses to give you more bang for your buck.

1. Baby wipes

Not just for tiny bums! You can use baby wipes for just about ANYTHING around the house or when you’re out and about. Our favourite uses are: cleaning children’s faces, hands and feet; wiping mud off shoes; cleaning spills up off the floor; wiping down dirty park bench seats; spot stain removal from the couch, carpet or clothes; cleaning jewellery; and freshening up the pet (especially if they’ve rolled in poo). The uses of wipes are endless!

2. Cloth nappies

Even if you’re using disposable nappies, you’re going to want some of these bad boys because they have SO many other uses. Drape one over your shoulder as a spew rag for your refluxy baby, mop up quick spills and messes, use as a handy extra towel at the beach, or have one handy to stand in as an emergency blanket in the pram or a change mat if you’re on the go. Then once your baby grows up and doesn’t need these anymore they also make great rags for the laundry or kitchen!

3. Swaddle

Again a seriously multipurpose baby item! Muslin swaddles in particular you can use for just about anything. Best uses (other than wrapping your baby) include as a sun shield in the car, pram or baby carrier; over the bassinet as a mosquito net; mopping up emergency spills and messes; a makeshift towel; or you can even use it to wrap up the Christmas ham!

Dash pram 2
There are prams and there are PRAMS – make sure yours goes the distance like this phil&teds dash pram.

 4. phil&teds dash pram

Why just buy a regular pram when you can get one that does three jobs instead?! The ultra-light and modern phil&teds Dash buggy can easily be turned into a double pram for various newborn and toddler stages, meaning if there’s suddenly a new arrival on the way you don’t need to purchase new wheels. And then when back at home, simply whip the double kit seat off and you’ve got a cool bouncer! Talk about making your parenting day a whole lot easier. And the best part? phil&teds ‘triple your buggy’ promotion is on now meaning when you buy the dash pram, you get the double kit and ‘lazy ted’ bouncer adapter for FREE! A super-smart investment for any growing family, get in quick as the offer is only available October 2017 or until stocks last.

Lazy Ted 1
Check it out! Your phil&teds pram seat is now a bouncer – how cool is that?!

5. Nipple cream

This stuff is strong! Not only can it really help breastfeeding mums with those painfully sore and cracked nipples, but it makes an awesome lip balm or top coat over your lipstick. Say goodbye to chapped lips with this beauty!

6. Playpen

When babies are on the move it’s important to keep them safe so a playpen is a great way to contain and entertain them under your careful eye, while still allowing you to do other things. But did you know you can also use a playpen to protect and keep things out of reach from your baby like the Christmas tree? It also makes a great animal barrier if you have pets that aren’t able to jump that high!

7. Bottle brush

One minute you’re washing up bub’s bottles and teats, the next you can move right on to your wine glasses. With the delicate long bristles and slim shape, they’re perfect for removing those stubborn lipstick marks or red wine rings at the bottom of the glass!

8. Baby shampoo

Shampoo for babies is so sensitive which also makes it suitable for washing all your very special delicate clothing items like lingerie and cashmere. You can even use it as stain remover or to spruce up your leather shoes and accessories!

9. Teething gel

If it helps baby’s sore gums then why not yours? Next time you have an annoying mouth or tongue ulcer, whack some teething gel on and it will really take the edge off and help it heal a lot faster.

10. Baby oil

Did you know that baby oil is great at removing dried acrylic or oil paint? It also makes an excellent make-up remover and can help with adult eczema and super-dry skin – score! 

Who would have known baby products had so many uses! What are your favourite multipurpose hacks?

(This post is sponsored by phil&teds)


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