Morning routine ideas for children that will make life easier

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Is there a way to make mornings easier, to ensure your kids actually get dressed the first time (not the fifth time) you ask them, to guarantee they haven’t lost their hats?

Yes, yes there is. And we’ve tracked everything you need to make morning routines a breeze. Come and take a look at the very best in morning routine ideas.

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Whether you’re a morning person or not, getting everyone out of the house on time can be a struggle. It seems so simple in theory – get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth and go. But for some reason it’s next to impossible to do so.

Mums and dads, here are the things that are missing from your mornings.

First of all, you need a motivator – something that helps inspire the kids to actually get out of bed, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush their teeth, clean their mess and get out the door on time. You could hire The Commando to come round every morning and yell at them, but that might get expensive.

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One option is to consider a timer. There is a great app from Kids Smart Zone called Happy Kids Timer that comes with rave reviews. You can program the different tasks and set the amount of time the kids have to do each one. This may just give them the incentive to actually put the remote down and get dressed.

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If you’d prefer to be digital-free in the morning, then another option is a morning routine chart. Etsy have a few excellent ones, but we especially love the simplicity of this one from Author Zoo, available for $4.35.

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Magnets may be more suited to your child, especially if you have the wall space and are not a fan of bits of paper all over the house. These wooden ones from Games to Go tick all the boxes and are customisable at $2 each.

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You can also make your own visual board of chores with beer bottle caps or even by painting the different tasks on stones. If you’re the creative type, then there’s no reason why you can’t come up with something that will interest your child.

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If you’re not crafty, like me, then Love Bakes Good Cakes offers a morning routine printable that you can download and print out. Again, if your kids need visuals, then being able to check off each item they have completed might provide the incentive to actually do it, especially if there is a reward at the end of the week or month.

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Next, you need products that keep everything organised. One of the best investments we made last year was an “organisation station” for the kids’ school stuff. We have a different section for shoes, uniforms, hats and homework folders as well as a few hooks for jackets, jumpers and backpacks.

The kids are sorted, but what about you? Because, let’s face it – although the kids are usually the reason you are late, that’s not always true. I can’t count how many times I have been out the door, kids in the car and ready to go only to realise I can’t find my phone.

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Invest in one of the many organisation stations ideas for your own stuff as well – your sunnies, your keys, your electronic devices, your water bottle, your coffee mug, any important documents and your purse.

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This family home charger station is another great way to keep track of your electronic devices so you can grab them and go in the mornings.

When these items have a home, you will get into the habit of storing them there and never have to do the mad dash around the house searching for your misplaced set of keys (which, 9 times out of ten, end up in the fridge).

Looking for more ways to stay organised around the house? Check out our storage archives for organisation tips all parents will appreciate.

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