Livin’ for the Share – why it’s so impossible to capture a good family photo

For every perfect family photo posted on Facebook, there are 100 that didn’t make the cut. This is their tribute. And it is comedy gold. Welcome to another Friday Funny, this time thanks to the legendary Bon Jovi and the equally awesome families from What’s Up Moms.

If a family goes on holidays but no photos are posted to Facebook, does the holiday exist?  These days, it would appear not.

The team from What’s Up Moms have captured this notion perfectly with their Livin’ For the Share. Sung to the tune of Bon Jovi’s classic, Livin’ on a Prayer, the two-minute video plays on our obsession with getting that perfect family picture to post on social media, even if it takes the entire holiday! The struggle is real ladies and gentlemen.

While the three mums are great, the dads really make this video, especially the “storage is full” part. Bang on! Even my husband cracked a smile at this one.

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