Little girl’s fear of birds brings out a flock of Photoshop opportunities

Take one strutting peacock and one frightened little girl and you’ve got the latest Internet sensation sweeping the world. Come and see the little girl whose face has launched a thousand comments and sparked a Photoshop war.

We all have that photo of our child looking absolutely terrified. And, often it does involve an encounter with an unfamiliar animal. For Reddit user, bwaxse, it was the moment a peacock chased his daughter at a local petting zoo.

peacock 5

Bwaxse writes on Reddit, “Things did not go to plan,” as he manages to capture an action shot of his daughter running for her life in fear of the colourful bird.

It didn’t take long for Reddit users and Photoshop enthusiasts to get a hold of the photo and, well, as you can imagine, things have gotten a little out of hand.


The little girl has now become a warrior, a superhero, a Game of Thrones fighter, an Olympian and so much more.


With over 2000 comments on the original post, many of which identify with the little girl’s reaction, it would seem a fear of birds is actually quite common.

peacock 6

For the record, they are pretty terrifying.

(via Mashable)

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