Kids are the worst – and this insanely funny Instagram account proves it

Kids – you have got to love them! And these hilarious photos courtesy of @kidsaretheworst Instagram page will leave you shaking your head, laughing out loud and reaching for your phone to share in the fun.

We at Babyology love a good Instagram account, especially one that showcases the funny side of parenting. Check out our favourite photos from kids are the worst that prove parenting is one tough gig – and our little ones certainly call the shots.

They couldn’t care less about your newborn photo opp.

Or your cake smash for that matter.

And don’t even think about a decent Christmas card photo.

They choose the weekend outings.

And what games to play with their little sister.

They are always nice enough to include their baby brother in the activities too.

They always clean up their belongings.

And help out with the household chores.

They understand the luxury of a Sunday morning sleep-in.

And the importance of a bath each night.

They add colour to every situation.

In fact, they do such a good job that they appoint themselves as your interior decorator.

They do a pretty decent job with the exterior of your car too.

They know how to tell you to stop taking their photo, even if they can’t speak.

And they already understand the meaning of irony.

Plus, they make the rules for snack time.

And they write the nicest things about you at school.

Their personalised jewellery is creative and elegant.

But, most importantly, they know who is boss.

And they certainly know who is not.

Hands up if you can relate!

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(images via @kidsaretheworst)



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