The most important promises we make to our children

These days it’s a lot easier to fail at parenting than succeed. Or so society makes us believe. But if you’re ever in doubt about being a good mum, then take the time to read this. These are the promises we make to our kids that matter the most.

Before we have children we make a lot of promises to ourselves, most of which turn out to be totally unrealistic, based entirely on social expectations. Perfect parents never use dummies or other comfort aids. Perfect parents only breastfeed (but not in public). Perfect parents have perfectly behaved children that never, ever tantrum in public!

Before you had kids, you probably assumed you would aim for those standard as well. And then your baby arrived and you realised just how unrealistic (and unimportant) those promises really were.

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Here’s what really matters to your children.

I promise to protect you.

I cannot predict the future. Things will change. Injuries will happen. Families can separate. Life can get complicated – but no matter what happens, I will be there to help you through it.

I promise to always be there when you need a cuddle.

No matter how old you get, how busy we become or how tired I am, if you need a hug my arms are always open.

You have to walk before you can run, as they say. And you’re going to fall over a lot! But I’ll always be here to give you a cuddle and help you back up.

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I promise to try and teach you good habits.

I know that you rely on me to show you the way things are. Some of my own habits aren’t great at times! I can be a bit of a couch potato. I sometimes eat too many two-minute noodles and binge watch tv shows that are probably frying my brain. But I’m going to try and teach you good habits that I hope will turn into lifelong ones, especially while you’re so young and you still (mostly) do what I say.

I promise to always put your best interests first.

Sometimes you won’t like it. I know you’d prefer not to go to bed. I know you’d rather eat chocolate than broccoli. But I know that your body is growing and changing every day, and it can’t do that well without plenty of sleep and the right foods. So I am going to insist on those things – and you know what? I think you’ll come to appreciate them too.

I promise to always listen to you. And to respect your decisions.

Unless it’s extra dangerous. Then there’s no way you’re doing it. Sorry, but no.

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I promise to feed you wholesome, healthy foods (most of the time).

Sometimes I will forget about the pasta boiling on the stove and burn half the kitchen in the process. And then we will have takeaway.

But most of the time, I will do my best to ensure you are eating right – fresh and healthy nutrition (ok, maybe not always). One option for me and parents like me with toddlers is to consider a grass fed milk which delivers a high dose of vitamins and other good stuff our children need – even (especially!) on the days that I burn dinner.

Most importantly, I promise to always try my best.

Some days I might not get it right. But, just remember, I’m trying to get it right. And I will always be there tomorrow to try again.

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So, to all the mums out there, even when you feel like you’re failing, even when you’re tired, you’re cranky and you’re at the end of your rope, it’s ok. You’re giving your kids the best that you can, you’re loving them with all you have… and that’s enough.

(This is a sponsored post for Munchkin Grass Fed – Nature. Nurture. Grass Fed.)

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