How to create a family in-case-of-emergency document

Lifehacker emergency document

Lifehacker emergency document

If you were out of action for a period of time, would your loved ones know how to keep your household running? An in-case-of-emergency document is a terrific organisational tool in itself, and would prove invaluable if you were incapacitated. Click through to find out how to create one.

Most of us have our own systems when it comes to organising finances and important documents. That might be storing them away in a fire proof safe, or tossing them into the top drawer of a desk (ok, maybe that’s just our family). But could your loved ones access all of  the information they’d need if there was an emergency? Probably not. So the clever brains at Lifehacker have detailed an easy way to set up an emergency document.

Lifehacker emergency document

Lifehacker has created a simple Master Information Kit template that can be downloaded and filled out. You’ll need to scan important documents like passports, birth certificates and the like, and these can be encrypted and kept as part of the document as well. You can also upload these to Google Docs and share them with your loved ones.

Lifehacker also has some great suggestions for other information to include in your kit, like pet information and documentation for your vehicles. And there are some great tips on keeping the information secure and updated.

(via Lifehacker)

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