How 5 rubber bands are helping this mum be a better parent

Five hairbands on wrist

Ever had one of those days when it seems like all you’ve done is yell at the kids? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. This mum has shared her genius hack to help us parents keep our cool on those tough, high-stress days.

The temper trap

Parenting is a tough gig on any day of the week, but there will come some days when stress is high, patience is thin and tempers are lost. Sometimes more than once. And if truth be told, sometimes those days are more common than we like to admit, no matter our kids’ ages. 

Don’t you just wish there was some simple way to help us stay in control and parent our children gently, even when we’re feeling stressed out, or the kids are a bit feral? A technique to help us avoid getting to that ‘rage‘ point?

Shauna Harvey is a mum to an “oh so testy” four-year-old boy so she totally gets that the struggle is real. And she thinks she’s found a solution, sharing this clever trick to help us exercise patience with our kids on the Love What Matters Facebook page.

How to avoid being an angry mum

The concept is really very simple. 

The five rubber bands represent “every time you lose your cool or say something unkind to your child”, says Shauna. “Every time that happens, you move one band to the other wrist. To “gain the band back”, you must do 5 kind/positive things with your child.” 

The hairband technique was credited to a post by blogger The (Reformed) Idealist Mom who says visual cues are “a powerful science-backed tool that will remind you to avoid a bad habit”. In other words, the hairbands are a visual reminder that tell us to stay calm and exercise patience when our kids’ behaviour is bothering us. 

As a parent to two primary-school aged kids, well do I know how frustrating some days can be, and how easy it is to slip into anger with my kids (instead of that rosy, calm and gentle mum I envisioned myself being, right before I had two of my own). 

I think any little technique that might help steer us into calmer waters on those high-stress days can only be a good thing, don’t you?

Do you think this technique would work for you? What helps you keep your cool on the tough days as a parent? 

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