Eight unexplainable mysteries of parenthood

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How is it possible to have seven Tupperware containers and no lids? Find the answer to this and eight other unexplainable mysteries of parenthood…

As parents, there are some things that cannot be explained. These every day mysteries can leave you confused, exhausted and baffled. The world is a bewildering place and these every day parenting mysteries just go to show that crazy things happen right in front of our eyes.

8. The missing sock

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The problem: You put five pairs of socks in the washing machine. You go to take the washing out and there are only 9 socks.

The theory: Every house has a time/space continuum. As the socks go into the washing machine, they are sucked into this other dimension and stored away. However, sometimes the space continuum will move to other areas in the house to suck up missing items such as remote controls, library books and Tupperware lids. Somewhere in another dimension there in an infinite amount of white socks and lids, just waiting to be discovered.


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