11 things dads do that make mums swoon with appreciation and love

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With Father’s Day fast approaching, I’ve started reflecting on all the things my kids’ daddy does that makes me swoon and high -five myself for choosing this guy as their father. 

I asked some of my mum friends what stuff melts their hearts too and here’s what we came up with. 

1. When he changes a nappy like he’s on Entertainment Tonight

My husband is a pretty funny guy at the best of times, but nothing compares to when he’s changing my son’s nappy. There’s silly faces, tickles, crazy voices and all I can hear is my little guy cracking up in hysterics. Go nappy changing dad!

Dad changing baby's nappy

2. When he holds bub like she’s a teeny tiny football

There’s something about a big, bristly daddy bear holding his cub. Our babies never look smaller than when they’re snuggled in the loving arms of their father.

3. When he gets up to the baby without prompting 

I know sleep resentment is a bit of an issue between couples (puts up hand). So any time he gets out of bed without being asked or nudged to settle bub in the middle of the night, just makes us fall a bit more in love with our man.

4. When he rumbles the kids right when you need a break

You know the moments I’m talking about. You’re trying to make dinner or send an email when dad takes it upon himself to distract the kids with a floor rumble, and you no longer exist in the eyes of your whinging children! 

5. When he dons his nurse hat

Is there anything more heart melting than watching your child’s daddy carefully place a band aid on their “owie”? Nurse dad for the win.

6. When you ask him to get milk and he picks up wine too

Or chocolate. To be enjoyed after the kids have finally gone to bed and you can laugh about the fact that your day consisted of a poo explosion in Coles, driving aimlessly for two hours and cooking a dinner your toddler refused to eat.

7. When he has your back when disciplining the kids 

“Hey, you listen to what mummy is asking. Stop that. OK, I’m packing up the train tracks because you aren’t being a good boy and doing what your mother has asked.” United parenting is where it’s at but I also love it when my sons’ dad follows through with ‘consequences’ so I don’t have to.

8. When he explains something complex so simply

My partner has a knack for explaining all sorts of things to my sons in a way they just understand. He gets down to their level, he draws them little pictures, he answers their questions and he makes sure they understand what he’s told them. Hats off to you, dad.  

9. When he does all the voices in the storybook

Reading dad is just the best! Not only does he give us a break when we need it most (usually at the end of a long, tiring day) but hearing him bung on all the different character voices is just the sweetest thing!

Dad reading in tent to daughters

10. When he sings bub to sleep

I don’t know if it’s the vibration of his deep voice or the soothing tune he’s singing, but I love how my babies will always fall asleep on their daddy’s chest when he sings softly to them. 

11. When he naps with your baby

Ah, swoon! Don’t you just want to bottle the feeling you get when you see your tiny baby curled up asleep on her daddy’s snoring chest? Beautiful. 

Baby on dad's chest


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