The 50 greatest moments in motherhood

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It’s almost Mother’s Day – a day to celebrate all that we do, a day to spend with our little ones and a day to feel even more lucky than we do every other day. So, in honour of mums everywhere, let’s raise our coffee mugs and toast ourselves, our children and the moments that make motherhood the best thing on earth.

1. The first moment your infant is placed on your chest.

2. The first time your baby recognises you. And smiles.

3. The moment when your infant reaches out and grabs your finger for the first time.

4. The first laugh. And every other laugh that follows.

5. Being by your child’s side for all the major milestones in that first year – rolling over, crawling, walking.

6. The first time your baby calls you, “Mum”.

7. Breathing in the smell of your infant.

8. Enjoying a completely silent house with your infant sleeping in your chest.

9. The first time your child sleeps through the night. And you wake up refreshed.

10. Morning cuddles, every single day.

11. Catching your child off guard, staring and smiling at you.

12. The first time your child says, “I love you”.

13. Catching your partner and child sleeping on the lounge together.

14. The look of pride when your child uses the toilet for the first time.

15. That first hilarious Santa photo.

16. Tickling their arm.

17. Hearing that little sigh they make when asleep.

18. The first drawing they do of their family.

19. Dropping your child off at school for the first time.

20. Overhearing your children refer to you as their “best friend”.

21. Spending Friday nights curled up in front of the couch with popcorn, your children under each arm and an old Disney movie playing on the television.

22. Listening to them read a book out loud.

23. Watching your children conquer something that has always been terrifying to them.

24. Resting under the stars, with your child resting next to you.

25. The first time your children offer to cook dinner for you. And it actually tastes decent.

26. Putting that first lost tooth under the pillow.

27. Watching your child’s eyes light up with pleasure on Christmas morning.

28. The first cuddle between your newborn and your older children.

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29. Opening up an awful looking hand-made Mother’s Day gift. And loving it more than any gift you have ever received.

30. Being much more excited than they are about their first report card.

31. Letting go of the back of your children’s push bike and cheering as they continue to pedal without you.

32.  Being reacquainted with the simple pleasures in life – a cup of Milo, your old toys, the colour of the flowers on a walk, the softness of a puppy.

33. Witnessing your children perform an act of kindness on their own accord. And realising that all of those values that you try to instil are actually rubbing off.

34. Welcoming them home after they have been gone for a while… or a couple of hours.

35. Sneaking up on your children playing together quietly.

36. Cheering from the audience as your child receives his first school award.

37. Being the one your child turns to for questions about life.

38.  Hearing them say they want to be just like you when they grow up.

39. Watching your children stick up for themselves or defend one another on the playground.

40. Taking your children to their first rock concert. And realising just how old you really are.

41. Standing next to your children and realising that they are actually taller than you.

42. Watching your child walk out the door wearing a work uniform.

43. Seeing your child behind the wheel of a car for the first time.

44. Staring at your child and realising you could be looking in the mirror.

45. Graduations – from preschool all the way to college.

46. Toasting your children on their 18th birthday. And sharing your first bottle of wine.

47. Witnessing your child fall in love.

48. Watching your daughter walk down the aisle. Or watching your son stand proudly at the altar.

49. Hearing your children, regardless of whether they are five or 50, say, “thank you”. And knowing that they really do mean it.

50. Holding your grandchild for the first time and realising that this precious moment started with you.

Happy Mother’s Day Babyologists! These are only 50 of the countless special moments in motherhood. What have been your most cherished moments so far?


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