LOL of the day: New mum Chrissy Teigen freaking the heck out in a haunted house

Chrissy Teigen

If you’re having a rough day, we’ve got the perfect Halloween-themed cure. It’s a video of Chrissy Teigen screaming – and possibly wetting her pants – as she navigates a haunted house with The Ellen Show’s Andy as her “alpha male” protector. *coughs*

“I would like to say Andy was really brave …”

You may already know that Ellen’s very favourite thing is scaring people, so it follows that Halloween involves her pretty much living her ultimate best life.

While she often frightens people against their will, hiding clowns and other scary critters on set and ‘surprising’ her special guests, this time her targets headed into their terrifying experience fully signed-up. 

The clip sees Average Andy – The Ellen Show’s executive producer – head into a Haunted House with author and tv personality Chrissy Teigen. While the pair were primed for scary stuff there is no underestimating the element of surprise, as this video shows. #Snort

While most Haunted Houses are pretty gosh-darned cheesy, this one has some extra menacing and eerie characters lurking within. Its located at the Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights’ attraction and it’s called The Purge Maze. 

Read more about Chrissy:

Introducing the footage of the pair’s experience, Ellen says – “I would like to say that Andy was really brave, but that would be a total lie.”

In fact, it’s not really clear whether Andy or Chrissy is the most terrified, but we heartily appreciate a) Andy’s constant reminders about the ‘rules’ of haunted houses and b) his hopeful assertion that he is indeed the “alpha” of the duo. You have to watch it and see.

Chrissy Teigen

“What got on us?!”

Our favourite bit might just be when Andy is crawling along the floor. Actually … no.

It’s the bit where Andy crossly shuts the door on a creepy character. Um … no.

It’s actually the bit where a hyperventilating Andy says he’s an “alpha” … ermmmm …. no.

It’s definitely the bit where Chrissy soothes the terrified Andy like he’s her tiny baby boy. 

Ellen agrees with us, tweeting “My favourite is when you cradle him like a baby” at Chrissy yesterday.

“Full body scream!!!”

Twitter LOVED this Haunted House experience and told their brave hero Chrissy Teigen so.

“The only person I want to go into a Haunted House with is Chrissy Teigen,” one wrote.

“This was awesome! Nothing like watching someone full body scream!!!” another quite rightly noted.

“I hurt from laughing at this,” someone else admitted and same-freaking-same.

Now that we’ve landed on the brilliant topic of Ellen deliberately terrifying famous people for our entertainment, we give ourselves permission to highlight some of her very best efforts – and the best hilarious responses to a good old-fashioned scare.

Take it away, Ellen …

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