Easy DIY Halloween costumes for kids


I find myself every year wishing I had a small baby at Halloween. What I wouldn’t give to transform a beautiful bub into a fluffy chicken or cuddly lion sometimes doesn’t bear thinking about! Click through to discover an awesome array of costumes for children you can make yourself!


In researching this post, the internet threw up every imaginable costume and I was quick to pick my favourites – ranking first place is this magnificent Toy Story-inspired toy soldier costume (pictured above).  Created by a super talented mum, Rebekah, you can find her full tutorial on how to achieve this look on her Wild Ink Press blog.

Halloween-farmyard-web, diy baby chicken and sheep costume

Is this not the cutest little chicken you ever did see? Head on over to Fun At Home With Kids for a tutorial that involves no sewing (yes, no sewing!). All you need is a onesie, a hot glue gun and a pile of felt and you’re all set for some clucky fun. While in the farmyard, Martha Stewart shows us how to create a gorgeous lamb, perfect for trick or treating.


Got a good egg in the family? Now they can dress as one! Spoonful shows us how in just one afternoon you can make a sunny side up costume for your little one!


If you’re in need of a last minute costume for your baby, it can’t get much easier (and perhaps funnier) than this one found on SuperLucky blog – take a tot, a pair of leggings and a onesie then wrap in bandages for the cutest mummified baby on the street! Of course, be strategic in your bandage wrapping – remember a nappy change will probably have to occur!


Another easy costume with fabulous Halloween quirkiness is this mime artist get up, shown here by See Jane Blog. As Jane states, many of the items will already be in your child’s wardrobe or around the home so only a few extras are required. My hot tip is if you don’t have gloves, lots of pharmacies sell white cotton ones, so head there first!

diy lego-costume

I’m yet to meet a child that doesn’t love dabbling in the world of Lego, so this Lego costume is sure to be a hit! The folk at Country Living give a step by step tutorial on how to recreate your own giant walking, talking Lego brick costume.


Black cats might signify bad luck for those that are superstitious, but instead of reeling back in fear at the sight of this cat costume from She Knows, I think you’d be cooing ‘who’s a sweet little kitty cat then’?.


I understand DIY isn’t everyone’s forte, so if the very thought scares you more than Halloween itself, be sure to check out The Costume Box which holds a cauldron full of kids’ costumes. Be sure to tell us in the comments below if your children prefer cute or scary costumes and what they plan to don this year!

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