And the winner of the best Halloween costumes award goes to…. 

What do you get when you combine one mum’s love of pop culture and Netflix classics with her love of creating ridiculously awesome Halloween costumes? Pretty much the greatest compilation of Halloween costumes we have ever come across, that’s what.

gina lee halloween 7
It started innocently enough. Photographer and mum Gina Lee was having a hard time deciding how she should dress up her daughter, Willow for her first Halloween.

gina lee haloween 11

After careful consideration, Gina decided she didn’t want to settle on just one costume and her passion for taking creative photos of her daughter in a wide range of adorably awesome Halloween costumes was born.

gina lee halloween 13

“I wanted her to have three [costumes], but it’s only one day,” Gina told PopSugar. “So I put three together and just showed them leading up to Halloween.”

gina lee halloween 14

Two years later and three-year-old Willow is still blazing through the Halloween costumes, one television drama at a time. Gina has all the classics covered, from Baywatch to Orange is the New Black.

gina lee hallowen 2

She pulls a lot of inspiration from pop culture including her Richard Simmons attire and even the vintage 80s troll doll that we all know and used to love (come on, admit it!)

gina lee hallowen3

Gina’s Instagram hashtag #dressupwillowmonth showcases close to 50 different costume changes over the past three years.

gina less halloween 12

She takes her inspiration from famous art, movies, television, pop culture icons and even products like Burt’s Bees and Clinique.

gina lee haloween3

Most of the photo shoots feature an adorable solo Willow but sometimes dad, Christopher makes an appearance as does Willow’s friend, Cooper.

gina lee halloween 5

What started as a simple mother-daughter bonding session has literally transformed into so much more. Many of Gina and Willow’s account followers use the designs for their own children’s costume creations.

gina lee halloween 10

“If I can give a little inspiration, that is great,” Gina says. “I’m always inspired by what others are doing, so we all get a little something out of it.”

gina lee halloween 9

Party on Willow. Party on Cooper.

And keep up the awesome work Mum!

(via PopSugar)


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