How To Dad reveals how to have the best Father’s Day in 11 hilarious steps

Want Dad to have the best Father’s Day ever?  It’s not that hard, according to our favourite Kiwi parenting coach (and sexy dad), How to Dad. Here’s his instructional video on what the kids need to do.

If you haven’t been introduced to How to Dad (aka Jordan Watson) before, let us get you up to speed. He’s the hilarious father of two adorable little ones and a landscaper by trade. In his free time he likes to make videos of tackling some of the hardest parenting tasks – like tricking your kids into doing the chores, how to show off to other dads and how to get your baby to fetch beer from the fridge.

He even delves into some of the more troublesome parental issues such as how to put bub to sleep and how to travel with an infant.

Whatever the lesson, one thing remains the same  – you’re in for a hilarious treat! His adorable accent paired with his laid-back attire and awesome approach to parenting are a breath of fresh air. And, let’s admit it, he’s pretty easy on the eyes too!

So how can the kids make Dad’s day extra special? It only takes a few simple things and less than two minutes of your time to get it right. And, in true How to Dad form, Jordan combines his tips with adorable clips of his children demonstrating what is required.

If the kids can’t sit still long enough to get through the whole video, let me paraphrase it for you. Here’s what the kids need to do:

  1. Let Dad sleep in.
  2. Listen to Dad.
  3. Make the day a “No Job Dad” day.
  4. Go to bed when Dad asks.
  5. Let Dad go fishing for a bit.
  6. Give Dad a couple minutes of kid-free time.
  7. Don’t make Dad do any heavy lifting, because, you know, “bad dad backalitis disease”.
  8. Give Dad a high five.
  9. Don’t poo your pants.
  10. Give Dad some time to do some ‘Dad building’.
  11. And, of course, bring Dad a cold beer from the fridge.


Make sure you also check out How to Dad’s equally hilarious How to Deal with a Dad Hangover (below). If you’re planning on having a few this weekend (it is Father’s Day after all), then you’ll need this one  (because babies, toddlers and pretty much kids of all ages really don’t care if you’re in desperate need of a Panadol and water).

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there! We hope you get your sleep in, cold beer and two minutes of alone time!


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