8 ways to holiday with your little ones this Easter (minus the stress)

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When it comes to holidaying with kids, the secret is making it fun for them but also relaxing for us, which is why the best holiday destinations are the ones that don’t stress you out as a parents.

Here are eight ideas for how you could spend this Easter break with your little ones, without feeling like you need a holiday yourself after it all.

8. Have a staycation and relax

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If going away during peak season just isn't your thing, or in the family budget, then how about staying put but making it FEEL like you're on holidays? The secret to a good staycation is doing all the things you would do on holidays in the spirit of being on holidays. This means chilling at the beach, having picnics, going to the movies and relaxing your grip on everything - bedtime is when everyone is tired.


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