5 really simple and fun ways to prove the Easter Bunny came

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If your little ones are suss on you saying, “If you don’t believe, you don’t receive”, or you just really want to create some bunny magic, then check out these fun ways to prove the Easter Bunny really did pay your house a visit.

1. Make sparkly bunny footprints

Don’t just leave chocolate eggs, leave PROOF that Mr E.B. came by leaving some bunny tracks.

There are lots of ways you can make bunny footprints – using flour or chalk and a stencil is a popular one, but we love these glittery prints.

They are simply glitter mixed with baking soda and then applied using damp sponges (a big one for the foot and a little one for the toes).

Head over to Little Hiccups to get the full how-to instructions. 

Blogger image - Easter Bunny tracks

2. Leave some bunny ‘fur’

Bunnies are as soft as cotton wool, which is exactly why you should pull apart some cotton balls and leave a trail of bunny fur leading to their stash of eggs!

If you prefer an egg hunt on Easter morning, however, leave the cotton wool ‘fur’ sprawled all over the house or about the garden. 

White bu

3. Leave a carrot out

The Easter Bunny loves carrots. Despite delivering chocolate yumminess, he snacks on the vegetable instead of stealing the eggs off little kids (what a kind bunny!)

As such, you should get the kids to leave him a carrot and some water to recharge his bunny batteries on Saturday night. Just nibble the carrot and have a sip of the water before you go to bed.

You could also make him some ‘bunny juice’ by juicing some carrots and leaving the glass out for him.


4. Surprise them with magic eggs

After your little ones go to bed, dye the raw eggs you have in the fridge using food colouring. Pop the colourful shells back in the fridge and then act surprised that they’re now coloured when you pull them out to make breakfast!

Or if you can’t be bothered colouring them, draw some cute bunny faces on them using a black marker.

The Easter Bunny must have sprinkled his magic on them!

Coloured eggs

Bunny eggs

5. Paint their sleeping faces

This one is a bit Ross and Rachel from Friends, but if your kids are heavy sleepers, draw bunny noses and whiskers on their faces while they’re sleeping.

If you use a washable marker instead of face paint (that will smudge), it will wash off the next day. When they wake up, tell them to look in the mirror at what the Easter Bunny has done!

Tip: use a light-coloured washable marker, it will wipe clean with soap and water before you head out for the day if your child wants to de-bunny.

Toddler girl asleep in bed with mouth open



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