10 ways to make your baby’s first Christmas memorable

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Christmas is such a special time of year, but now you have a baby it is even more so.

Here are some ideas for making bub’s first Christmas magical and also one to remember for years to come.


1. Buy a keepsake tree ornament

Christmas ornaments are taken out every year and give us all the warm and fuzzies. Mark your baby’s first Christmas with a special ornament that will remind you of his birth and first Christmas. We love these too-cute onesie ornaments by ETSY maker Tag Your Jewellery.  

Baby's first Christmas tree ornament

2. Take a cute Santa hat photo

Your bubba will never be as tiny and cute as he is on his very first Christmas. It’s the perfect excuse to buy him one of these adorable crochet Santa hats, and snap him sleeping in it as peacefully as an angel. The hat will make a very sweet Christmas ornament for years to come and is guaranteed to make you both say, “awww, remember!” when you pull it out every year.

Baby in Santa hat 
3. Send out a ‘baby’s first Christmas’ card

Celebrate the new baby in your family by treating everyone on your Christmas card list to a special snap of your new arrival, or one of your new little family all together. You can do this old school by getting your favourite photo printed into a card or sending it electronically via email. Even if you don’t usually do Christmas cards, do it this year, you and everyone you know will love it.

Baby Christmas card

4. Dress your little one up for Christmas

There’s nothing cuter than a baby wearing a Christmas outfit! There are loads of adorable outfits in the shops and on sites like ETSY where we found this one, but just make sure it will be cool to wear on a hot Australian Christmas day and that you also pack a spare outfit for when your baby inevitably spills cranberry sauce all over it.
Christmas roomper

5. Start a new family tradition

You both probably have some favourite family traditions from your childhoods to enjoy with your new family member, but think up a new one to mark the special occasion of him joining your tribe. We love this idea of leaving a key out for Santa if you don’t have a chimney. It’s sweet and as your little one grows, he’ll love putting the key out. 

Santa front door key

6. Get him his own special stocking 

This is his special stocking that you’ll pull out year after year, so look for something you love. Go for something small if stockings are just for trinkets, little toys and sweets in your house and something roomier if they will hold actual presents.

Christmas stocking

7. Make DIY foot and hand print decorations

Create your own adorable tree ornaments using your bebe’s tiny tootsies and hands. This sweet idea is by Eighten25. You could also do the same thing to make your own gift tags or Christmas cards.  

DIY baby tree ornaments

8. Line up for a Santa photo 

A yearly Santa photo isn’t just a fun tradition, it will also mark your child’s age as you look back over them, just like the yearly school photo does. For a good Santa photo, make sure you time it for when your baby isn’t hungry or tired. If he has fallen asleep though, sleepy photos with the man in the red suit are very cute.

Sleeping baby on Santa

9. Splurge on some Christmas PJs

Okay, so your baby may only wear these for a few weeks, but cute jammies make for very adorable photos! How sweet will he look on Christmas morning opening his pressies in his festive PJs?

Christmas baby pjs

10. Take a photo of your tree looking like this

You’ll look back and laugh at the first few years of your baby’s life when you had to decorate half the tree to stop him from pulling off all the ornaments. A tree like this says, “I have a little one!” and you’ll smile every time you walk into another home and you see one because once upon a time, your child was teeny too. 

Half decorated Christmas treeImage credit: Mrs Mummy Holic



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