“This year we just stopped”: Sandra Bullock gets real about Christmas

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Let Sandra Bullock and her kids teach us a few things about the true spirit of Christmas.

The Hollywood star and mum of Laila, six, and Louis, eight, says this year her family are reining in their Christmas cheer.

Yep, this year her kids will wake up to find just three “small” presents in their stockings.

Apparently, that’s pretty different from previous years where Sandra admits (like many of us) she’s gone a bit overboard with the presents.

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Happy Mother's Day! I hope that Louis and Laila give Sandy lovely pressies because she is an amazing mum!??? #sandrabullock PC: @sbullockdaily

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Less really is more

“I overdo it, and then I panic that I didn’t do enough. Then I get more — and then everyone else has overdone it,” says Sandra.

“But this year we just stopped. We just stopped,” she said. “Because there’s so much happening in the world where people don’t have anything. And we said, ‘Why don’t we just make this about other people?’ And they were amazing about it. So, Christmas is three small gifts.”

Sandra’s natural empathy is and philanthropic spirit is well documented.

The 54-year-old adopted her son Louis when he was a baby, and her daughter Laila when she was three and half years old. 

She told People magazine that once she understood how many children in America were in need of good, stable homes, she felt compelled to help.  

“There are so many kids out there who so badly want to have families … What’s heartbreaking is that some of these kids don’t get love.”

What a beautiful way of thinking about the world.

Keeping things simple amid all the hype of Christmas is noble, sensible and a great way to teach our kids about what really matters.

It’s also a great reminder to us all to think of others less well-off at this often inward-turning time of year.


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