Royals George, Charlotte and Louis won’t get to keep all their Christmas gifts

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The littlest royals Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are inundated with gifts at this time of year, but they won’t get to keep all their presents.

Thank you but no thank you

A spokesperson from Kensington Palace told the Mail Online that the sheer volume of gifts sent means that some tough decisions have to be made about their fate.

“Some items will be taken into the home and others stored within the Royal Household. On occasion, and where appropriate, items may be donated to organisations who can make good use of them.”

“Their Royal Highnesses are incredibly grateful for the warmth and generosity that has been extended to their children from members of the public.”

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are said to be ‘very careful’ about how many presents their children are given,” the Mail also explained.

Generally, the royals prefer people to make donations to worthy organisations in their name, and they are also careful not to be seen accepting gifts for promotional purposes.

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The Royal mail room

While it might seem a tiny bit sad for those well-wishers who send gifts to the little Prince and Princesses, really what do we expect? Faced with a relentless flow of well-intentioned books, toys, handmade booties and the like, it makes sense that possibly most of them will never end up in the wee royals’ hands. The volume literally runs to the thousands each year so it’s a very good idea to preemptively declutter, we think.

What we do wonder is what the mailroom looks like at Kensington Palace over Christmas, and who does the sorting and decides which gifts are a ‘go’ and what is a ‘no’? Imagine opening all those presents … and what might be contained within various packages!

We did catch a glimpse of the hub of royal comms on Kensington Palace’s Twitter account – prior to Megan and Harry’s wedding – and it looks … very, very crowded. (below)

Kensington Palace mail room Kensington Palace mail room

It’s not all bad news for those who have their presents moved on. Everyone gets a response to any communication they have with the royal family, usually in the form of a thank you card featuring a portrait of the royals in question so it’s all (sort of) worth it in the end!


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