Gender schmender: Megan Fox shares what she’s giving her 3 kids for Christmas

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It’s always interesting to see how other people do Christmas with their families, so Megan Fox’s festive gift reveal had us leaning in.

Keep it simple, Santa

Megan and husband Brian Austin Green told Today that despite their own good fortune, they try to keep Christmas gifts super-personal and don’t go overboard.

The couple are parents to three little boys –  six-year-old Noah, four-year-old Bodhi and two-year-old Journey – and Meghan’s very clear on the fact that she wants them to have the freedom to pursue their passions.

Keen to encourage this, she’s often shared photos of her long-haired boys wearing their favourite dresses, and has clapped back at the trolls who insist “boys should be boys”.

“Boys can wear dresses,” she said firmly during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. “There are no rules—you can be whatever you want to be in my house!”

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Shaking off the stereotypes

This philosophy follows through to Christmas too, with the conservatively-raised Megan keen to avoid gender bias when it comes to gifts for their kiddos.

Self magazine reports that Megan grew up in a devout Pentecostal household, with the church dictating what men and women were permitted to wear. She’s very keen to encourage the opposite with her own family and avoid being prescriptive or adhering to any stereotypes.

For instance, her son Noah is getting a sewing machine for Christmas, with Megan explaining that he loves dressing up and being creative.

“I let my kids wear what they want!” Megan reiterated to Today. “He has the potential to be an incredible artist. He could be a Pablo Picasso — I’m not going to squash his vibrant, beautiful mind!”

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Craft, dinosaurs and Paw Patrol

Young Bodhi’s interests lie in something that will be familiar to many Australian parents. Megan revealed her four-year-old is nuts for Paw Patrol and that they’ll be stocking up on those popular character toys for their middle child.

The baby of the family has distinctly prehistoric tastes. Meghan said he is obsessed with dinosaurs and there’ll be a Jurassic theme to Journey’s prezzies.

It’s obvious that this couple are doing a brilliant job to encourage their kids’ passions and nurture their interests in a super-loving and non-judgemental way. 

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Happy Halloween?

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