Elf funeral: Kim Kardashian’s kids just ‘killed’ their Elf on the Shelf

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If you’ve got an Elf on the Shelf at your place, or simply wondered what this festive phenomenon was all about, read on …

Kardashians Elf on the Shelf

Death on the shelf

Families playing Elf on the Shelf in the lead up to Christmas will know that these migrating and mischievous elves have one golden rule – that children must never touch them or they will lose their magic.

The children at the Kardashian West house have learned this the hard way, apparently not only de-magicking their Elf on the Shelf, but actually sort of killing him with their hands-on approach.

Kim posted a photo to Instagram yesterday explaining that her curious middle child, three-year-old Saint, had broken the golden rule and somehow the elf was now dead. Five-year-old North had helpfully fashioned him a very crafty grave which Kim was keen to share.

The photo shows the elf lying in a grassy resting place, a handmade headstone festooned with sober skull and crossbones and the letters “RIP”. Flowers surround the dearly departed elf who actually looks quite pleased to be having a lie down after what is traditionally a frantic couple of weeks. We feel you, Elf!

“Saint touched his Elf on the Shelf, so North brought this in,” Kim captioned the shot, adding a series of laughing emojis.

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Rest in peace

No doubt this development was much less hilarious news to young Saint, who must now come to terms with the dire consequences for his actions.

It’s a relatable situation because we are 1000 percent sure that families across the globe might be fighting a losing battle to keep their kids’ mitts of their household elf.

We also can’t help but wonder if North’s response was perhaps a little premature.

Perhaps the elf was only a tiny bit less magical? Perhaps he was not totally dead? Perhaps he needed a stiff drink and a few slaps across the face?

Say it’s not so

We’ve read plenty of stories about people who were thought to be dead waking up in the morgue and saying “um guyyyyzzzz” … and think that potentially this elf could be revived.

But if not, this is a cautionary tale to other children, and if your kiddos are getting all grabby with your (bloody hecking) elf, perhaps you might want to save this image to your phone and thrust it in their faces to warn them off?

Or you could just turn a blind eye.

That’s our recommended approach because WHO EVEN NEEDS to be policing elves at this busy time of year? Ain’t nobody got time for that nonsense. 

Merry Christmas! We hope your elf doesn’t die!



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