These new kids’ supermarket collectables are Christmassy AND recyclable!

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If your kids have abandoned their Coles Little Shop collections or you didn’t bother with them at all due to all that plastic, perhaps this seasonal offering from supermarket giant Woolworths will tickle your festive fancy?

Woolworths Christmas Pop-Outs

Woolworths have come up with these cute pop-up characters in celebration of Christmas and starting this week your kiddos can snap them up in store.

What sort of characters are of offer you might be wondering? Well, we’re talking the usual festive suspects like gingerbread men, reindeer, elves, snowmen, sleighs … and the jolly white-bearded fellow himself! #HoHoHo

Woolworths collectables

Woolies are keen to avoid the pitfalls of some other supermarket collectables …

“Customers will also be able to see what they are getting as the Woolworths Christmas Pop-Outs will not come in ‘blind plastic bags’ to help avoid duplication or disappointment and minimise waste,” Woolworths said of their pop-up toys.

“Our team has also spent a great deal of time ensuring that we considered the environmental impact when putting this together and we are proud to say that the range is 100 per cent Aussie made and fully recyclable,” Woolworths Supermarkets managing director Claire Peters pointed out.

Pop it like a boss!

Apparently, you can snap them up if you spend over $30 online or at the supermarket, and they’ll be available up until December 11.

Woolworths says there are 12 characters to collect – as well as a special stand to display them all on.

Each character has their own special personality traits, as detailed on the Woolies website. 

For instance:

  • Joy The Clever Elf – Singer and wrapper. Has great elf-esteem. Friends with everyone. Favourite food is cherries or 
  • Sunny The Cool Elf – Hangs out around shelves. Takes excellent #elfies. You’ll never meet a cooler elf. Favourite food is mangoes.

You can check the website to see which characters are being released – and when. This week’s cute guys are below and they are Twinkles, Dasher and Joy.

Woolworths collectables

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