Paper Christmas baubles

Paper Christmas bauble - main

These pretty paper baubles make a lovely homemade gift for friends and relatives at Christmas time. Add one to the top of each gift for a nice homey touch to your Christmas giving.

Paper Christmas bauble materials

You will need

  • 1 x sheet of double-sided scrapbooking paper (available at craft shops)
  • a pencil
  • something circular to trace around (I used a roll of tape)
  • scissors
  • strong craft glue (a hot glue gun is ideal)
  • craft wire or a stapler


Paper Christmas baubles step 1

  • Trace 12 circles onto your double-sided paper. Cut them out.

Paper Christmas bauble step 2

  • Fold each circle in half and then stack them together. Make sure you stack them with alternate patterns facing out.

Paper Christmas bauble step 3

  • Wrap a piece of wire around the stack, to hold it all together at the centre fold. Twist the ends together to secure.

Paper Christmas bauble step 4

  • Put a dab of glue about one-third of the way from the bottom of the top circle (see the black dot in the photo) and glue the first two flaps together at that point.

Paper Christmas bauble step 5

  • On the next circle, put a dab of glue one-third of the way from the top (see the black dot in the photo) and glue the next two flaps together at that point.

Paper Christmas bauble step 6

  • Keep going, gluing alternately at the top third and bottom third of each circle. The last few are tricky. You will need to fan out the bauble as it forms, so that you can get the final few flaps to bend back to form the circle.

Paper Christmas bauble step 7

  • Attach a ribbon and your paper bauble is ready to hang on the tree. You could also make these as homemade Christmas gifts for friends and relatives. Who doesn’t love a homemade tree ornament?

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