Paddle pop stick Christmas tree

Paddle pop Christmas tree main

This is a cute Christmas project for a crafternoon with your toddler. Just cut the sticks to size and let your little one colour, assemble and decorate their own tree!  When it’s finished, you’ve also got a homemade Christmas tree decoration. Win/win.

Paddle pop Christmas tree materials

What you need

  • 7 x paddle pop sticks
  • garden shears
  • green paint or crayons
  • dot and star stickers
  • crafty bling (shiny sequins or stars if you can stomach the mess!)
  • glue
  • string


Paddle pop Christmas tree step 1

  • Line up the paddle pop sticks to create a tree and mark where you will need to make cuts.

Paddle pop Christmas tree step 2

  • Use garden shears to cut the paddle pop sticks to size.

Paddle pop Christmas tree step 4

  • Let your toddler loose with the green paints, crayons or marker pens to colour the branches and trunk of the tree.

Paddle pop christmas tree step 5

  • Help your toddler glue the branches in place.

Paddle pop Christmas tree step 6

  • Decorate your tree with stickers and bling.


Stickers are the easiest and most attractive option for little hands. You can get sheets of colourful dots and star stickers at Officeworks.

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