Festive silly putty recipe

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Christmas is on the way and it’s time to have some festive fun! Try this slimy silly putty recipe on for size, there’s lots of fun to be had in both making it and playing with it!

Flubber, slime, silly putty – whatever it is you want to call it, Pinterest is crawling with recipes for it. The common ingredient between them all is Elmer’s Glue, which try as I did, I couldn’t find anywhere.

Not being one to give up folks, I’ve mastered making it with regular UHU brand glue which I found in Woolworths. Easy. Peasy! I’ve made two separate batches, one glittery red, one glittery green. The ingredients below are for one batch only. And please, please wear rubber gloves or risk coloured skin.

Silly putty ingredients

  • ¼ cup UHU white craft glue
  • 45ml water
  • ¼ cup water
  • ¼ teaspoon Borax (found in supermarket laundry aisle)
  • liquid food colouring
  • glitter
  • Equipment used: glass mixing bowl, two plastic cups, pop sticks for stirring
    *rubber gloves to save hands 


  • In one plastic cup add the 45ml of water. Add the glue and mix to combine.

  • Add a few drops of food colouring and glitter. Mix to combine.

  • In the remaining plastic cup, add the ¼ cup of water and the borax. Stir until the Borax has dissolved.

  • Pour the glue mixture into the glass bowl. While stirring the glue mixture, slowly pour the Borax mixture in until the mixture starts to turn to a slime / putty consistency. You won’t need all of the Borax mix. Too much and it will be too rubbery and will snap into pieces.

  • Mould the putty with your hands to become a nice and smooth texture.

  • Keep silly putty in sealed airtight bags and for the safety of your flooring, don’t let the kids take it on carpet!

A safety warning for parents

Silly putty definitely shouldn’t be eaten so please do carefully supervise children who are playing with it, and ensure the Borax is stored safely out of the reach of children at all times.





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