Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik are expecting baby number two!

Zooey Deschanel

Everybody’s favourite adorkable actor, entrepreneur  and songstress, Zooey Deschanel, is expecting her second child with husband Jacob Pechenik.

Baby number two

Jacob and Zooey are already parents to a little girl, 18-month-old Elsie Otter.

The notoriously private pair have not officially confirmed Zooey’s pregnancy, but she’s been photographed on the set of New Girl with an excellent baby bump and celebrity juggernaut, People Magazine are reporting it as fact (so it must be true?!)

The couple began dating in 2014 and were married in June 2015, with Elsie arriving shortly afterwards – named for the pair’s favourite animal.

Of course, Zooey’s not only the star of smash hit TV series, New Girl, she’s one half of the successful musical duo, She and Him and founder of the hugely popular website, Hello Giggles, too.

First words

We’re pretty excited that this cute couple are adding another kiddo to their adorable clan, especially when their tales from the trenches are cheese and PJ filled.

“My husband taught her how to say cheese just ’cause she likes cheese so much,” Deschanel told Jimmy Kimmel.

“This morning, I went in and it’s still dark in her room and she’s wearing her little jammies and her sleep sack, and she goes, ‘more…cheese!’ I’m like, ‘You didn’t even have any cheese and you want more?’”



Fiery feminist

While it’s obvious that Zooey’s taken to parenthood like an otter to water, she’s previously voiced her concerns about the sexist expectations the media places on women to live their lives a certain way.

“Like every woman is dying to give birth! I don’t think so. Nobody asks guys that. And you go into a supermarket and every tabloid is like, ‘Pregnant and Alone!’ Stuck in the 1950s ideal of how a woman should live her life. This brings out the fiery feminist in me,” she told InStyle.

So true.

We look forward to further bump updates (and strangely feel like a slice of cheese…!)

Congratulations Elsie, Zooey and Jacob!

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