Zoe Foster-Blake’s important message for parents: “You’re doing O.K.”

This parenting gig ain’t easy and no one knows it more than our favourite mum of two, Zoe Foster-Blake, who posted a refreshingly honest message on how tough it can really be when you’re adapting to the newborn and toddler juggle.

Double the trouble

Zoe and her husband Hamish Blake welcomed their second child, a daughter named Rudy in July and with baby Rudy joining big brother, three-year-old Sonny, the Foster-Blake gang is now a family of four and boy is Zoe feeling it.

Having a new baby can be challenging in itself, but when you’ve also got a toddler to look after – and a sick toddler at that – things can get really tricky and fast, as the writer and businesswoman is only just finding out.

Bringing some real and honest feels to the parenting table (so-to-speak), Zoe posted the below image to her Instagram account on just how tough things are for the pair at the moment.

Sickness struggles

It seems that toddler-spread sickness has taken over the Foster-Blake household and won’t let go.

“The newborn, she’s easy. As in, it’s all relative/the unpredictability is predictable second time around. The teary toddler riddled with fever/virus/infection, (“Daycare Superbug™”), less so. Poor little battler,” wrote Zoe. 

But it’s not just little Sonny, Hamish recently revealed he too had to be quarantined from his new bub thanks to Sonny sharing all those lovely “daycare superbugs” with him. Thankfully it seems Hamish is on the mend as he has been able to help share the parenting load, according to Zoe’s latest post. 

“Very grateful my hus is on Dad Leave to share the load and parent Sicky Martin as I feed again and again and again. (And breastfeed the baby also.) (Zzzzing!),” she wrote on the post.

“You’re doing O.K.”

But the post also came with one very important reminder and a shout out to all the incredible parents muddling their way through this parenting gig, especially those doing it on their own.

“Can’t imagine doing this solo. And yet I know many do. Enormous respect. Power to all the parents. You’re doing O.K.” 

Amen to that! Write it on a post-it note and stick it to your forehead because we are all too often super tough on ourselves as parents. You’re doing the best you can right now and you know what? That’s pretty damn great. 

Busy birthday mumma

The gorgeous mum turned 37 only a few days ago, posting this cute snap of herself wearing her own brand-spanking new clothing line. The collaboration with Skin + Threads hits stores on Monday – and we really want the lobster jumper! With a booming beauty product business, books, a TV show, sick toddler AND a newborn – we hope Zoe managed to find a moment to sneak in some cake and a lie down. Phew.

Happy birthday Zoe, you’re doing more than okay in our books!



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