Zoë Foster Blake’s first night away from baby: “Outfit change, milk explosion”

Zoe Foster Blake with her new book

Zoë Foster Blake is on a book tour for her first kid’s book, No One Likes a Fart, and she’s sharing some soggy glimpses of her very leaky glamorous life on the road – without three-month-old daughter Rudy.

Sisterhood of the Travelling Boobs

Here Zoë is, appearing on singer Clare Bowditch’s radio show – ABC Afternoons. Don’t stare, but you can possibly tell things are getting real in the “I am a food source for another human department.”

Owing to the arrow Zoë has placed pointing to her breasts.

And the crossed-arms emoji, symbolising the global symbol for stopping flow in its track.

And the sort of steely focus and set jaw which says “I’m a lactating celebrity, get me out of here now, please, Clare?”

Zoe Foster Blake and Clare Bowditch


“Milk explosion”

The next photo (below) reveals things went a little pear-shaped (no shade intended, Zoë ).

This photo illustrates that boobs did what boobs are wont to do – and a muscle tee and jeans ensemble became the surprising new order of the day. Bonus points for the sparkly transfer print which may well be waterproof. 

Zoe Foster Blake

Starter Pack

And finally, Zoë shared her go-to’s for nursing mums when they’re out on the tear (or on tour or just taking a night off or have tearfully run away from home because SLEEP DEBT!).

It’s a snack/breast pump/hotel room/treat combo and we can’t say it would have been on many pre-parents wishlists, but it’s as covetable as a diamond tennis bracelet, post-kids.

Zoe Foster Blake Instagram story


“The pull”

Zoë recently spoke a little bit more about life with husband Hamish, three-year-old son Sonny and baby Rudy.

She told The Herald Sun that she had no idea just how much of a tense scramble mum life could be and described the early weeks as brutal.

“You can’t prepare for it. Now [Rudy’s] in a bit more of a routine we’re managing a bit better … I felt so deeply unqualified and out of my depth because they both need you at the same time.”

“That’s the pull. Trying to settle her in a dark room while trying to keep a three-year-old quiet next door or the number of times he’s doing a poo on the toilet and I’m breastfeeding — all on no sleep obviously.”

Night Nanny

The writer-CEO-mum-of-two says that she learnt some new tricks the second time around, and those tricks came in the form of a nanny three days a week, and a night nanny in the very early days.

“It sounds lavish but it’s probably the best money spent because we were both working and needed to sleep,” Zoë explained. 

“There were some dark days there and I make no apologies for getting someone in to help me get a three-hour block of sleep — a proper shut-door sleep. I didn’t have that with Sonny and I’ve learnt this time to get that help.”

More cute bits and bobs from Zoë

Rudy bounces (and is the perfect combo of her mum and dad!)

The book trailer for No One Likes A Fart

Popping in on husband Hamish Blake (and Andy Lee, too!)

You can listen to that here

Getting ready to chat to Chrissie Swan and friends

And let’s look at this pic of Sonny, Hamish and Rudy one more time …

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