Zipit – baby playsuits that make nappy changes child’s play


If changing a baby’s nappy while they’re wearing a playsuit sends you into a cold sweat, take a look at these clever suits. They’re bound to make life a little easier.

Take your pick from a range of vibrant colours or the just-released white Zipit with their cheery contrasting trim, then read on to find out all the ways you’ll love these baby playsuits.

zipit white

These suits really are more than meets the eye. Yes, they look gorgeous, but there are a host of clever little additions that parents will appreciate. For instance, Zipit suits have a full front opening, which makes nappy changing easier – and there’s also a double layer under the zip, so that baby stays warm.


It has a reverse zipper, so that changes are super quick, with no press studs to fumble over. There’s also a Pooper Peeper – a handy little opening at the back of the suit where you can do a quick nappy check, without needing to undress baby.


Zipit is also available in a romper, onesie, dress and gown – each with the trademark zips. The playsuits cost US$42, the dresses are US$42 and the rompers are US$38, plus postage.



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