ZeppoChair comes flat packed with style


Zeppo Chair

Here is a sad scenario: I find a beautiful little child-sized chair. I have the beautiful chair repainted and upholstered in fabric which looks amazing in my daughter’s room. My daughter finds a crayon. The crayon finds the beautiful little chair…

What I really needed was a chair like this on which she could have unleashed her inner artist without me having to unleash my inner monster. The ZeppoChair is an ecologically sound, incredibly sturdy and infinitely blank canvas for kids to sit on. The idea of cardboard furniture is not totally unknown (we reviewed these chairs on Babyology just last year) – but it certainly isn’t very common, so you can imagine how thrilled we were to discover the homegrown ZeppoChair being manufactured virtually in our own backyard.

It’s made for children but is strong enough to hold an adult (a fact to which I can personally testify!) and has been designed and made in Australia from totally Australian recycled materials. It’s hard to get a much smaller ecological footprint than that. When its time eventually comes, you can chuck it in your recycling and start again. Add to that, the price – only $39.90 with $9.50 flat rate postage anywhere in Australia.

The folks at ZeppoChair are happy to give bulk discounts for big orders – party chairs, anyone? You can find out all about it and order the chairs at their site. While you’re there, read their page on the history of cardboard, which is much more interesting than it sounds!


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