YouTubing for tots – the best YouTube channels for children


We all know that more than a half an hour of screen time for children is not recommended, but let’s face it, sometimes the screen is the only way parents can get a break. So with that in mind, we’ve created a guide to YouTube channels that the kids can safely surf without any parental worries. These YouTube channels are safe, educational, entertaining and loved by our own mini Babyologists. Plus, they provide a beautiful five minute break when you really just need to have a coffee in peace or go take a shower.

For infants and toddlers

Sesame Street – Sesame Street has been entertaining kids for more than 40 years and this YouTube channel offers easy access to some of the best performances and skits. A lot of them feature your favourite musicians and actors, but not like you’re used to seeing them.

Little Baby Bum – the colourful animation and delightful songs make this a great channel to help introduce your little one to the world of nursery rhymes.

Baby Einstein TV – does your toddler love watching bouncing balls, colourful shapes and talking puppets? Then Baby Einstein TV is all you need.

Fun Toyz Collector – I don’t even know how to explain this one without sounding crazy, but essentially this is a channel dedicated to watching a grown woman play with toys. And toddlers everywhere love it!

For preschoolers

Mother Goose Club– introduce your little ones to the world of nursery rhymes and other preschool classics with these six colourful characters. I tested this one on my two-year-old yesterday and got more than twenty minutes of mesmerised silence. Winning.

HooplaKidz – this is another great outlet for all those nursery rhymes from your childhood. If you need a refresher course (or simply want a break from singing them yourself), then check this channel out.

Super Simple Songs – these songs for kids are super simple and super entertaining. Some videos feature cute animations while others are acted out by the goofy host and his puppet friends. My kids are spellbound by these videos.

SimpleKidsCrafts – it’s raining and your preschooler is bored. These videos walk you through the entire crafting process and most of the crafts are great for younger kids.

The Wiggles – kids never tire of the upbeat foursome, regardless of whether it’s the older cast or the new characters – the songs are just as catchy and this is a great channel to subscribe to if you are planning to attend a Wiggles concert in the near future.

Yo Gabba Gabba – this colourful and somewhat absurd television show has been a favourite in my house for years but it’s on too early in the day… never fear – with their YouTube channel your kids can dance along to the Gabba gang any time they want.

For children aged five to eight

Epic Fun for Kids – have a Lego lover on your hands? Tune in then. You won’t be disappointed. And neither will they!

Full Time Kid – this channel follows Mya through her many adventures. She shares cute crafts, songs, surprises and more.

PBS Kids – PBS is a popular American television channel for kids and their YouTube channel has hours of kid-friendly content to keep them entertained.

Evan Tube – this is another channel that is a goldmine for kids who love Minecraft, Lego and Skylanders. Essentially the show follows two kids as they play with various toys but children are fascinated by it! Who knew watching other children play with toys could be so entertaining?

For children aged nine to 12

Stampy – are your kids obsessed with Minecraft? Then you will want to subscribe to this channel. Trust us.

The Brain Scoop – check out the behind-the-scenes action of the Chicago Field Museum with shows focusing around science, geography, history and more.

Minute Physics – this is another great channel for science experiments that will captivate the minds of school-aged children.

VSauce – the premise behind this show is simple – our world is amazing. And the team at VSauce go on pretty entertaining adventures to prove it.

For kids of all ages (this includes parents)

AllTube4Kids – who doesn’t love to watch other children do goofy things? This is a great user-submitted channel that guarantees to be kid-friendly and appropriate.

Nerdy Nummies – Rosanna Pansino is the creator behind Nerdy Nummies, a channel dedicated to delicious yummy treats for kids. Follow along and create something sweet in the kitchen with your children.

Kids Activities Blog – this channel features heaps of activities to do with children of all ages. If you’re ever on school holidays and your kids announce they are “bored”, put this channel on and let them choose an activity to try out.

Family Fun Pack – this is a hilarious channel that centres around quadruplets (plus their little brother) and the many adventures they have in everyday life.

The Houston Zoo –  these clips are great to watch with the kids, especially if you have animal-lovers in the house.

What are your kids’ favourite YouTube channels?

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