“You WILL survive it” – one mum’s powerful motherhood message to others

Laura Mazza instagram blogger

An Aussie mummy blogger’s refreshingly honest post this week about the reality of her daily challenges with motherhood is causing women everywhere to breath a sigh of relief in the knowledge they’re not the only ones struggling.

Ive been the mum who's card declined at the check out, and had to embarrassingly put shopping back with a line full of…

Posted by Laura Mazza – Mum on the Run on Monday, 14 August 2017

Confessions of a mummy battler

Children are a blessing but there is no denying that being a mum is also hard work. Often mums are also juggling the pressures of motherhood while working through emotional, relational, physical and/or financial struggles. No one knows this better than mother-of-two and blogger at Mum on the Run, Laura Mazza, who on Monday wrote a very open and honest post on Facebook about all the times she’s felt she’s failed as a mum.

From yelling at her kids and emotionally eating junk food in the car, to having her credit card declined at the supermarket – this mum gets real by confessing all, but most importantly wants you to know she has survived it and so will you. 

“I’ve been the mum who’s sobbed heavily, who’s yelled, who felt like quitting and closed herself in the bathroom with her hand on her chest feeling like the world is going to end. But I f#cking survived,” she says.

She’s won’t quit

Even though Laura admits there have been plenty of times she’s wanted to throw in the towel, she’s picked herself up for her family and soldiered on, because that’s what mums do.

“And I’m not a super hero, I’m not always resilient but in the darkest days, I know, I just know I can survive. Because I don’t quit, I won’t quit. Because quitting means stopping, and I can’t stop. I won’t.”

You’re not a bad mother

It’s easy for mums to place a lot of guilt and blame on ourselves, especially when there are picture perfect families out there on Instagram and Facebook putting all the ‘normal’ parents to shame, but luckily Laura reminds us that we’re not bad mothers, we just have bad moments.

“Sure, there are bad moments, there will always be bad, shitty moments, but they’re just that. Moments….but bad moments are not bad mothers.”

You WILL survive it

This isn’t the first time Laura has bared all by getting real about her motherhood journey, and people are responding to her in droves. This latest post has already received over 4,000 likes with thousands of shares and comments from women everywhere who are loving her honesty and her powerful message of hope and strength to all those mamas doing it tough.

“So on days you want to quit, don’t, on days where motherhood beats the shit out of you, don’t, on days where you feel like the worst mother in the world even though you are not even close, don’t…because I promise you, you WILL survive it.”

Amen to that! Thanks Laura for making all us mums feel normal and for reminding us to never give up.

If you are struggling with any mental health issues please contact PANDA – Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia on 1300 726 306.



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